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Fall/Winter 2016

  • New Biodiversity/ Killam postdoctoral fellow Rachel Germain arrived in September. Welcome, Rachel!

  • Chris M. returned from a long field season in California with a van packed floor-to-ceiling with samples. Let the weighing begin!

  • 2016 range-wide demography census for M. cardinalis is in the books. Southern populations are still hurting from the record drought.

  • Amy just returned from a fun seminar visit to Penn State.

  • The countdown is on: Barb and Rachel will be defending their MSc theses this term.

  • New paper in press: Pironon et al. Biological Reviews, "Geographic variation in genetic and demographic performance: new insights from an old biogeographical paradigm."


Fall/Winter 2015

  • We are excited to host Xiaojun Kou and Kristin Mercer while they visit UBC on sabbatical.

  • Megan and Chris M. recently launched large-scale field transplants. N=32,000 and counting!

  • Amy will be visiting Uppsala in October to give seminars.

  • Chris K., Rachel, and their able crew completed resurveying all 400 legacy vegetation plots in the North Cascades!

  • Congrats to Matt for successfully defending is MSc thesis (and landing a job)!

  • Papers recently out: Bontrager & Angert AJB, Muir Proc Roy Soc B, Muir & Thomas-Huebner Am Nat, Sheth & Angert Am Nat, Louthan et al. TREE


Fall 2014


Summer 2014

  • Seema successfully defended her PhD and is off to start her postdoc in Minnesota. Congratulations, Dr. Sheth!

  • Rachel, Chris K., and Amy are headed into the field to launch the Cascades Resurvey project in collaboration with the HilleRisLambers Lab.

  • Matthew successfully transplanted M. cardinalis into 10 sites at and beyond its northern range limit in Oregon.

  • Megan is hunting for the lovely Clarkia pulchella in BC and WA.

  • Chris represented the lab at the Mimulus meeting, held in conjuction with the Evolution meetings in Raleigh.

  • Amy participated in a CIEE working group in Regina on "Canada's Phylogenetic Diversity in a Changing World."

  • Papers recently accepted: Sheth et al., J Biogeog; Sheth & Angert, Evolution.


Spring 2014

  • Lots of new people are on their way! Rachel Wilson will be joining the lab as a MSc student, Chris Kopp and Anna Hargreaves will be starting postdocs, and Risa Sargent and Xiaojun Kou will be spending sabbatical.

  • Megan passed her comprehensive exam with flying colours, and Matthew successfully defended his proposal. Congrats to both of them!

  • Seema's defense date is set, and she will be starting her postdoc in Ruth Shaw's lab at the University of Minnesota this fall!

  • Qin just returned from the Bodega Bay Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics, and she also found M. douglasii in bloom!

  • Chris gave a seminar at the Harvard University Herbaria (and ran the Boston Marathon!)

  • Amy is heading to UC Davis for a seminar in May.

  • We'll be at lots of meetings this summer: a CIEE working group, the Mimulus meeting and SSE, the Gordon Conference Unifying Ecology Across Scales, and ESA.